Food Prep Redemption

Ahhh, this weekend consisted of good football, good friends, and good food prep!  After last week’s failed attempts, it is nice to have some good eats in my arsenal.

I switched things up a little this week with catfish, eggplant, and purple sweet potatoes. Catfish was sprinkled with Nature’s seasoning and lemon/pepper and the eggplant brushed with olive oil then sprinkled with sea salt and some Nature’s seasoning.  Both got baked on 375 for 20-25 minutes…and both are simple and yummy.  There is an interesting phenomenon that goes along with switching your eating habits/diet…your taste changes too and the actual food itself is tasty.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I haven’t experienced it myself but it is true.  It also makes shopping a breeze!

I need to address these purple sweet potatoes because I feel there is some false advertising here.  They are not sweet!!  🙂 Maybe they were mis-labeled?  I am really not sure.  Has anyone tried them? They are great but they taste like regular potatoes.  I just added a little more sea salt and cooked longer and now I have crispy potato wedges for the week!



This week I tried an idea I saw on James Wilson’s – Faith, Family, and Fitness Facebook page.  I used buffalo sauce on chicken breast and I topped with blue cheese.  All I can say is…finally a way to bake chicken that I enjoy!

I also made some items from  Katie does post some great recipes and my pictures really do not do her food justice.  I like the Cheesy Butternut Squash and Chicken Bake when I am craving a comfort food-type casserole.  It is flavorful and each serving is packed with 28 grams of protein.  I have a vicious sweet tooth…well, really I just like food.  But, this week I tried a new recipe: 7-layer protein bars.  I am trying very hard to not eat all of them in the first 3 days, they are so good!


I think I will go get me one of those bars now!

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