The Lone Nut

I am a huge fan of eating real fool (clean/paleo…whatever the method, just real).  It is one of the best things I ever did for myself and one of the first things I have been unapologetically adamant about not changing.  So every morning I pack my cooler and head into work as the lone nut.  In today’s world of fast, processed, and just plain false advertising of “healthy food” people do not understand the beauty of getting back to the basics.  I have heard everything from “Isn’t it just easier to eat normal?” to “My boyfriend would kill me if I ate like that.”

cooler       body


Yes, it would be easier and yes, it is a bit inconvenient at times.  However the gains from eating what the body was designed to eat far outweigh any inconvenience or even ill-perception.  Prior to cleaning up my diet, I was for one unhappy with my body but mostly I felt sluggish and depressed much of the time.  Although I love to sleep, I don’t like naps; yet, when I ate poorly, I napped and lazed around for many hours of the day.  I started eating differently at the same time all the girls in the office started.  Among the five of us, we lost close to 100 pounds and one lady was able to significantly decrease her diabetes medication.

The strangest thing is I have found to be true about food and diet is how close it is to religion and politics.  There are many strong opinions, assumptions, and misperceptions.  If you want to take the step of making permanent changes to your diet, I would urge you to break away from the current paradigm of Snack Wells and food marketing myths, buy a cooler, and get back to the basics.  Jennifer Aniston said it best when she said, “My advice: just stop eating shit every day.”  To me, that’s the bottom line

There are some great resources available.  I think Tosca Reno the author of the Eat Clean diet is an inspiration and her book, “Just the Rules” is a great guide.

The Metabolic Effect Diet by Jade Teta, ND & Keoni Teta, ND is an excellent book and they give very good tips on living a fat loss lifestyle.

I am not personally familiar with Paleo diets but what I read and have heard is that it’s another excellent option.  From “Even though there are many variations on the Paleo theme, at a high level all Paleo diets agree on a few key principles: only eat foods that can be picked or hunted in nature , avoid foods that cannot be eaten raw , and prefer meat products from animals fed their natural food.”

stop eating crap  paleo

When I changed my lifestyle, I also had to learn the art of saying, “No” and it doesn’t always go over well.  There is always be an event or reason to stray from my goal.  There will always be holidays, birthdays, pot lucks, dinners, lunches, parties, games, etc.  In addition, there will be peer pressure (“Come one, one bite won’t kill you”, “I believe in balance”, etc.).  When you find what works and feel strongly about it, you just have to go with it.

The reason for the name of the blog?? It’s this awesome guy.  Every time I pack my cooler and head out to work, I think of this (and it’s not just because we dance the same.)  So grab a cooler and join in…your body will thank you!  Smile


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