More Food Prep for February

Football season is over and I have noticed food prep just isn’t the same without it.  This week however brought a new twist…snow and food prep!

2013-02-17_09-27-57_627      2013-02-17_09-28-04_708

I tried a few new recipes this week.  I scaled back the carb treats though as I try to get my protein and carb balance right.  I want to get just enough to fuel my new workout program and lean out a little as spring is on it’s way. Sun

I brought back an oldie from last year…Quinoa bakes.  Quinoa is a good option for a carb.  If you are interested in quinoa, here is a blog by Tosca Reno:

For breakfast meals, I made the usual canadian bacon and egg muffins but I also made some egg white, chicken breast, and veggie mini-omelet bakes.  Yes, there was still baked oatmeal on the menu but I halved it and made an apple pecan version and added the quinoa bakes.  The recipe can be found at


For meat, I made chicken burgers and sun-dried tomato and cheese-stuffed grass-fed burgers.  This week veggies included okra coated with flaxseed oil, cumin, and ceyenne pepper, parmesan asparagus, and salad.


The two newbies are from Katie at (of course).  If Katie ever quits posting recipes, I am not sure what I will do.  Her food is wonderful!



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