19 Days Out

10/28/13, 19 days out: 122.8 pounds

What I ate today:


My workout: Deadlifts/Back and consisted of many reps

What I did right?
I kept a journal..again
Consumed 140 grams of protein mostly in the form of real food
Ate more greens!
Measured my chicken for dinner

What I did wrong?
I snuck in too many extras..a little dressing on my salad, sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil, chicken fingers (almond flour and coconut oil..clean but still added fat)
In general, it is not simple enough.  Therefore my diet decision-making privileges have been revoked!

How I feel: Good.. Very tired after the workout!  (Obviously very tired, since I lost track of how many days out..20? 19? who knows??)
At this very moment, I feel full and satisfied after having a large salad and chicken.  It won’t stick long so I will hurry and get to sleep before I get hungry again.

Juiced Greens this morning:

juiced greens





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