Fear Exposed

Fear definition

Fear is borders. Fear is confinement.

Fear is the single most powerful enemy to living to one’s greatest potential.

Fear is the voice that says:

  • “You’ll make a fool of yourself.”
  • “It’s all your fault”
  • “You made the wrong choices.”
  • “Don’t even think about it.”
  • “Stay where you are.”

Fear is always there to remind you of each time you failed or didn’t make it to where you wanted to be.

Sometimes it whispers:

  • “You’re too old.”
  • “You are not smart enough.”
  • “Don’t give too much.”
  • “Don’t open your heart.”

Fear fills you with doubt, dread, worry, and self-criticism.

Fear will make you believe you can’t do it, you’ll be rejected, or you don’t deserve it.

Fear will have you choose what you think is safe, even when the opposite is true.

Fear will undermine your ability to live as your highest expression and guarantee mediocrity.

When you let fear win, you lose..and the world loses out on you!

Don’t let fear rule your future.  Don’t be controlled by the pain of your past.

Don’t let the voices of fear get louder and don’t succumb to it.

Confront it!

Shout back that you are powerful!  You are confident!  Be bold in pursuit to your highest aspirations!

life shrinks

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