A Facebook Hiatus

I am doing it.  It scares the hell out of me but I am doing it anyway.  I am shutting down my personal Facebook page.

Why does it scare me?  Because that’s where my friends are!!  I have moved numerous times and they are all geographically scattered across the country but on Facebook they all come together.  It is one of the main venues in which I can stay connected with many people who mean much to me.  I love being connected to my friends..participating in banter, seeing the pictures, and feeling that I am part of their lives.

Why do it then?  Well, I seem to have little self-control when it comes to social media and Facebook.  I find that I am not managing my time appropriately.  As I wrote in my blog (2014: A Year of Assiduous Pursuit, http://wp.me/p2W8ZN-iF), I have things that are important for me to accomplish..emotionally, mentally, and physically.  In order to really dig down, “assiduously” pursue these goals, and become the person I intend to be, I have to take this step.  I have to redirect my focus.  I have to be purposeful in the choices I make.

One one hand, it would seem as though I am negating the importance of staying in contact with my friends and socializing  but the exact opposite is true.  I want to enhance those relationships.  I want to make them stronger by having more meaningful interactions with my friends and family.  I want to be a good friend to those I care about without this distraction.

The idea was planted a month ago and I thought there was no way I could do it. (http://paulpetersonlive.com/2014/01/02/im-shutting-down-my-facebook-page-for-a-while-heres-why/)  The idea has taken root and I most certainly can and will do it.  I will deactivate my account starting 2/2/14 for 90 days.  After those 3 months, I will re-evaluate where I am and next steps.

Sans the distraction of Facebook, I intend to:

  • Develop stronger relationships with my friends and family
  • Give back
  • Get through another large implementation at work
  • Pursue those aforementioned goals for 2014
  • Read
  • Add more meaningful and quality content to Fitsploration
  • Improve my non-cyber socializing skills… a sad but true statement (see below..)
  • Make strides to meet my fitness goals

It was told to me recently that people tend to overestimate what they can do in a short period of time but underestimate what they can do over a long period of time.  How true that is!  On any given weekend, I will think that I can fully relax and unwind..while at the same time workout, grocery shop, meal prep, pay bills, spend quality time with friends, blog, do laundry,  and prepare for the up-coming work week.  Which is absolutely insane.  But looking over the last year, last five years, etc., I can see what can be accomplished.  I say that to say that I don’t think I can change the world in 90 days but it is long enough to take strides and gain some momentum in this quest!

This morning, I posted a similar message about this on Facebook.  I received the following message from a friend that summed it up perfectly:  “The entire electronics social media age has been amazing yet it has set everyone back too.  I try to explain to my kids that they’re not learning to spend time communicating with friends because of texts.  They could also be reading, meditating, or doing anything that expands their minds.  My fear is that they will drift through life without thinking or setting goals and accomplishments.  You know what I am saying?”  To which I can only reply..1) Holy crap..you just said it better than I did! Will you please be a guest blogger??  and 2) Yes, I do and I totally agree.

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