Life is not Sonic: Don’t Park and Wait

The Road to Success
What happens on the road to success or a goal, when you seek a refuge and just park?  Possibly regret, maybe safety and comfort..but ultimately, your view never changes.  I decided when I saw this quote that life is not Sonic, it will not be brought to me; and I simply cannot just park and wait for it.

A couple days after seeing that image, I read this post by Vincent Egoro.  (I highly recommend his blog, by the way, and am finding it very inspirational.)

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  I have people in my life who push me.  Who drive home the point of taking risks and facing fears.  Who will not let me settle and when I need a nudge or encouragement, are there.

I want to take a moment to re-enforce that here:

Life is not lived fully in the safety of your comfort zone and as cliché as it does sound, you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So, when faced with two options, an option of what seems safe or one that seems is the daunting option that will lead to a fuller life.

There are painful times when mistakes, failures, and obstacles seem insurmountable.  I have lived through them, cried through them, and sought a cocoon of safety.  I am not comfortable with being uncomfortable..period.  I also am not comfortable with not living a full life.  And I am most certainly not comfortable with the thought of having regrets about things that went unsaid or undone.


Although sometimes, more than anything, I want to avoid the pain of mistakes, of rejection, and of failure..I can’t let that stop me.  I cannot put it in park and wait.  I vow to always dig deep into the reservoir of perseverance and live a life of greatness!

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