Getting Naked – Yet Again


One of the greatest feats a human can accomplish in this lifetime may be letting down all guard and becoming naked.  Almost 290 days after writing a very personal post on this same subject (, I am still befuddled by how one truly exposes themselves without fear.  Not a facade of authenticity as in I am going to get tattoos and tell the world to “F off!” but a genuine authenticity.  The kind of authenticity where you expose your fears, your dreams, your emotions without being afraid of the consequences.

When we were children we laughed, danced around, and sang freely.  We listened to our instincts and spoke from our heart, more than our head.  We believed we were smart, beautiful, and special just as we were.  Until, just by living, we got hurt.  Simply by waking up every day and living life, we could not avoid the pain and suffering, loss and rejection that happens just by.. living.  These can be gut-wrenching times.  It is natural that we adapt in order to avoid ever having to go through that feeling again.  We are smart creatures and it is all about survival.


We as humans also have instincts, and we have a heart. I, personally, know when I have traded in my authenticity for approval because I can feel the turmoil inside.  I know I am going against my true self.  One area, is that I perceive myself to be.. overwhelming.  I get excited and I feel strongly!  I think my desire to learn and soak in information is overwhelming.  My brain will overwhelm even me at times.  And my emotions can most certainly be overwhelming.  So admittedly I dial these back even when I want to burst.  “An over-thinking, gushy woman with at touch of Rainman?  Sign me up for that”, NO ONE ever said!

My experiences have taught me that mentally I have to over-ride my heart.  That is the only way that I can avoid the possibility of getting hurt.  But really..isn’t that just another way of hurting?  Not being true to myself..that hurts as well.  If I am not willing to show any skin, then I am damn sure not close to getting naked.

To truly genuinely experience life and love, the layers have to come off and one must be exposed.  One has to trust and have faith.  And one must have the courage and confidence to be vulnerable.

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