The Value Of A Goal

“If you are not pursuing a goal, you are committing spiritual suicide.” Powerful words from Les Brown and ones that caught my attention.

Why do I think it is important to set goals?

A goals provides purpose.and focus.

A goal gives direction to move away from where I am to where I want to be.

A goal fuels my mind, body, and spirit.

As I have encouraged in many posts, one should always have that goal that scares the absolute hell out of you.  The one that you have no idea how you could possibly achieve and requires you to grow into a person who can achieve it.  My belief is that any goal is lofty and deserves respect.  All require a strong mindset and a change in behavior to obtain.  So whether the goal is “ginormous” or a bit smaller, I propose there are three mental facets to pursuing and achieving such a dream.

terrifying and amazing


What is it you wish to achieve?  Create the visual and embed it in your mind.  Print it, post it, write it, dream about it.  Do anything and everything to make it unforgettable.  The desire should get the adrenaline pumping and have you radiating with excitement.  (By the way, yes, this IS how I felt when I first got serious about my fat loss and fitness goals.)

Les Brown says, “Think about something you want for you, that is important to you, that is real to you, that will give your life some special meaning.  Don’t focus on whether you can do it. Operate out of a larger vision of yourself, not a memory.”


As Eric Thomas says, “What’s you why??” Determine what it is that is driving you to this desire.

The why provides the focus you will need to dig deep and keep going when your mind and body want to quit.  It is the why that will provide the ability to.. Be Unwavering; Be Assiduous; Be Indefatigable.

“You have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. Eric Thomas

“To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could be.” Eric Thomas

“Courage is the judgement that what you want is more important than your fear.” Les Brown

“When the messenger of misery visits you, what will you do?  What will keep you in the game?”  Les Brown


Surrender and have the faith that there is something stronger.  Things that we never believed to be possible..ARE.

“Don’t cry to give up..cry to keep going.  Don’t cry to quit.  You’re already in pain, you’re already hurt, get a reward for it!” Eric Thomas

i can

My favorite motivational song now is The Veer Union’s Brave the Impossible:

A couple motivational videos:

Eric Thomas:

Les Brown:


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