Tenacity Unveiled: The Food

“The goal”, the “I’m All In”, the “Tenacity Unveiled” posts..these were all supposed to start two weeks ago.  But, I was sooo busy reading and watching motivational crap..I didn’t actually DO what I was supposed to do to prepare. That’s beautiful, isn’t it?!  🙂

I am reading a great book, “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D.  I hope to share pearls from this book as I journal towards my goal.  I have found it fascinating as it delves into the how’s and why’s of losing self control and with that provides exercises that help avoid those potential pitfalls or willpower failures.  In my case, one trap for failure is not being prepared.  Thankfully, I took the opportunity to re-enforce that fact again..just in case I had forgotten.

Fast forward to this week..the week of doing what I am supposed to do.  I started by getting my butt to the grocery store.  I had a friend tell me that every time I post grocery or food pictures, she wonders, “How much $$ did she spend?”  So here you have it.  I had to make two trips because bananas don’t last a week and I underestimated my cottage cheese and protein needs for the week.  This takes just a bit of common sense mixed with algebra on my part.  I mean really..1 cup of cottage cheese for 7 days is 7 cups.  So why did I think 5 cups would cut it?  Either way, my groceries added up to ~$160.  That is a little over a week’s worth.  With the exception of Starbucks and supplements, I have bought little, in the way of food, outside of my groceries.  The groceries included salmon, lean ground turkey, chicken burgers, eggs, rotisserie chicken, broccoli, salad, spinach, bananas, apple, sweet potato, brown rice, Ezekial bread, cheese, almonds, cottage cheese, tuna, and greek yogurt.

grocery1agrocery 1c

grocery 1bgrocery trip 2

I have kept journals and have not cheated all week long.  🙂  Maybe just as a general housekeeping rule, I need to define my definition of cheating.  Cheating is an addition, omission, or blatant substitution.  What I don’t consider cheating is gum or re-arranging the meals based around workout time and maybe a tiny free-lancing when I only had 2 eggs so I had < 1 tbsp peanut butter to make up for the other egg.  It is possible, however, that I may have my definition of cheating refined.

food journals

Lastly for tonight, I want to share my very favorite supplements.  Thanks to my friend, Aimee, I have been introduced to my very favorite pre-workout ever!  I have tried a few in the past but hadn’t found any that I loved until I tried Oh Yeah’s Rush.  My workouts have been great lately!  (I had tried MP Assault in the past and gave it away because it made me bitchy.  I have used Hemavol but wanted something that added focus.  Craze was good but my heart raced too much during my workouts.)


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