Tenacity Unveiled: Shock and Awe

You would think I would learn!!

1.  Just stop tweeting the trainer.  The laughter is never worth the price.

2. Never send a mountain dog workout to use on “other clients”.  The quote was exactly this: “Didn’t know if you wanted this in your arsenal for yourself or another client.”  Keywords.. “YOURSELF”, “ANOTHER CLIENT”.  (I will publicly apologize to Talulah now.  She is fierce, however; so she handled it with style.)  Me?!  If you don’t watch any of the video, just check out frame 13:27… enough said.

“Shock and Awe” was a customized version that included super-sets and circuits.

Super-set for 5 sets:

Bamboo Squats X 5 reps
Leg Extensions: X 5 reps, add weight X 5 reps, add weight until you can’t lift another.  Remove weight X 5 reps, repeat until you get to the base weight.

Circuit for 5 sets:

Banded Romanian Deadlifts X 8 reps
Leg Curls X 10 reps
Leg Press, feet high X 10 reps
Leg Press, feet low X 10 reps

There ain’t nothin’ sexy about this lifestyle!!  The callouses, the nausea, the diet, and heading to bed at 9:00 on Friday night (while still feeling ill).  Yep, nothing pretty about that!  Nevertheless, I choose it and I love it!

The goal, again, is to put on 15# of lean body weight/muscle.

Weigh-in’s are Tuesdays:
3/4/14 = 125.8#
3/11/14 = 127.8#

It is difficult to tell what that means because it is not probable it’s a glorious 2 pounds of muscle weight.  There may be some water retention or I could be storing some fat.  This I won’t know until I ride it out for awhile and see.  Unfortunately, the scale isn’t a great way to measure progress.  I will be gauging how clothes fit and watching progress pictures, as well.

For anyone with any type of fitness goal, I highly recommend progress pictures.  One of my favorites in the fitness business, Danny J of The Sweaty Betties, has done a great video on how to take progress pictures. (http://thesweatybetties.com/how-to-take-progress-pics/)

To me, these are invaluable while pursuing a fitness goal.  They tell the story better than a scale ever will.  You’ll be glad to have the visual reminder of your hard work.  I was so bummed when I dropped my computer and lost all of mine.

The diet is going well.  Again, it ain’t pretty.  It is very simple with little variation.  I eat baked oatmeal in the morning (20 grams protein); 3 eggs mid-morning; almonds and cheese late-morning; 6 oz lean protein, greens, and sweet potato mid-afternoon; cottage cheese and fruit pre-workout; whey protein shake post-workout; and 6 oz lean protein, greens, and 3 eggs for my last meal around 8pm.

Example of Lunch

Example of Lunch

Dinner Example

Dinner Example

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