Which Voice

Have you set out to do something that really stretched you?  Maybe it was this year’s resolution?  Possibly a new goal?  A vow to start a new business?  Lose weight?  Get a degree?

Have you considered giving up?  Throwing in the towel?

Have you thought..
“I was crazy to even consider..”
“What was I thinking?  I could never do that!”
“I’ve tried before and it didn’t work.  Why would I think I could do it now?”
“Who was I to even think that possible?!”

I Dare You

“If you are leaning towards listening to the voice that says, “This is just too hard.  I was only dreaming anyway.” consider a story told by Les Brown.  During the final days of George Bernard Shaw’s life, he was asked the question, “If you had to be anybody in the world, anybody throughout history, if you had the power to be born again.. who would you like to come back as?”  His reply without blinking an eye.. “I’d like to be born as the man I never was.”  Stop and read that sentence again, please.

This vision you have is a beautiful sentiment but it can’t die there.  A thought.. a passion alone does not bring this baby to life!  It has been said that if you were given a dream.. you were given it for a reason.

Yes, it will be greeted by the triplets of defeatism: Rejection, Hardship, Failure.  This can lead to questioning and doubt.

Grit and determination are necessary to take down this trio.  Complacency, self-doubt, and meekness are not the traits needed for this mission.

A confident bold self has to take a stance.  The confines of a comfort zone have to become non-existent.  Practicality has to be replaced with Providence. Fear has to become a mere whisper instead of booming voice that says, “You can’t do this.”  The voice of courage has to counter with: “Oh, Yes I can.. Just watch me!”

Fueled with an inner desire and armed with faith, it is time to just believe and take risks.  Risks that are necessary to make a glimmer of a dream a reality!

Which voice will you keep alive?

Quitting is easy.  Living an unfulfilled life full of “what if’s” simply is not acceptable.

It Takes Courage

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