Gym Lesson #3: Everyone Needs An Angelo Dundee

Angelo Dundee?  Yep!  At some point, everyone needs an Angelo Dundee in their life.

Someone in their corner pushing them beyond what they believe is possible.

angelo dundee quote

The Background.. I am a pharmacist by trade.  Do you happen to know any pharmacists?  If so, you might agree that, as a general rule, we can be stereotyped as annoyingly anal-retentive.  Take that into the gym and you possibly have someone a little “finicky” (aka OCD) about form.

The Set-Up: It’s deadlift day! My favorite of all training days and my perpetually positive trainer asks, “Your form is so spot on.  Do you mind if I video you for others?”  With just a little pride, I respond, “Of course!”

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

The Plan: Do 3 reps of 90% of my 1 rep max. 92% actually but who’s keeping track, right?!

One.. Nice..

Two.. Good strong lift..

Three.. Ah Oh!  My back, it’s starting to round.  I must drop the weight!

Perpetually Positive Trainer (PPT): “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??  WHY DID YOU STOP???”

Upcoming Fitness Video Superstar, not: My back was rounding!  I was losing my form.”

PPT: “No, it wasn’t!  No, you weren’t!  Your form was right.”

And guess who had the video to prove it?  Hmmm

So we checked the instant replay and the ruling on the field was.. my form was fine.

I quit.. I failed.. not because it was beyond my limits but because I thought it was beyond my limits.  I had someone in my corner.. Someone who believed I was fully capable of pulling that weight..  Someone who saw beyond what I saw.

Sometimes we cannot see ourselves clearly.  For whatever reason, our view is muddy.

In those times, we must simply believe in someone else’s belief in us until we can see for ourself.

“Instilling confidence in his charge was another of Dundee’s priceless qualities.”

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