Thank You!

From the bottom of my heart.. THANK YOU!!  Thank you for reading, following, sharing, and contributing to  May has been a record-setting month for this blog and I am blown away.

A special “Thanks!” to those of you who have contributed your stories. I am truly honored and owe you a huge amount of gratitude for letting me be the one to share your personal journey!

thank you


Fitsploration, as with everything in life, has gone through some growing pains and some changes.. and as long as it is around, I suppose it will always do so.  🙂

I started it for a couple of reasons.. and even those have evolved.  I am not going to bore you with all that.. yet again.  🙂  But one was to share my physical transformation.  I want people to really understand and know that IF you want to change your lifestyle.. it is possible.  The other reason was to journal through a whole different transformation.. some personal experiences, thoughts, pain, and discovery.

Through doing so I have come to appreciate that we can all have our own history, views, and perspective and that neither of those makes us “good” or “bad”.  It makes us.. us.  There is beauty in those differences and something very special when we accept one another for being.. human.

With that, there are also some common bonds that we also share.

I don’t know about you but as I read people’s stories or get to know more and more about folks, I find myself compelled to say…  “I KNOW!!  I know.. I understand!”

As I touched on in Identity Crisis.. I feel strongly about this blog being a platform for a message.  This is where you come in.. I want to hear from you!!  Let’s share our stories!  Let’s share our messages of hope and over-coming!

  • Do you have personal goals you have met?  Do you have personal goals you are working on and struggling with?  (Ohhhh.. we all have those too, don’t we?)
  • Do you have thoughts and/or struggles on body image?
  • Have you made great strides in any transformation, physical, emotional, etc.?
  • Do you have general musings regarding some of life’s challenges you have overcome or are over-coming?
  • Have you conquered some health obstacle, fears, or other struggles?
  • Do you have food ideas or recipes.. or questions?
  • Actually do you have questions for me or others that have contributed to the blog?  Do you want to hear more from someone who has contributed?
  • Are there specific topics that intrigue you or you would like to hear more about?
  • Or do you know anyone that would or should share their story?

I believe, with you, we can make a difference!  Let’s DO It!

Here are some ways..

Contact me if you want to be a contributor; if you have a story to contribute; if you have questions, ideas, or thoughts to share; and/or with general feedback.  I absolutely love hearing from you!

Ways to contact me.. email: or my personal email; Facebook (personal or Fitsploration page); twitter messages.

Again, as always, share.  In the blog community, that is how word gets out.

Thank you again.. I feel truly blessed.

let's do this

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