Can You Handle “The Brutal Truth”??

I definitely recommend you try.. right now!  The Brutal Truth – June 2014

There is so much great information in these babies, they should be in publication.. (Hint, hint)!  Go sign up so you don’t miss another month..!  Rob will also send the word version with pictures.  🙂

What you will find is not “quick-fix-of-the-day” myths but truth.. and brutal at that!

It is full of real answers on food, nutrition, supplements, training, and mindset from people who “walk the walk”.  What you won’t find anywhere else is the bonus of Rob’s humor!  (My visual of that first 180 over the prowler looked just like a pirouette, Rob!)

This month’s contains a client story and it happens to be a woman, and friend as well, who precedes me on my training days with Paul.  I have had the pleasure of not only seeing her incredible transformation, but gaining inspiration from her as I watch her approach her goal with unwavering fierce determination.  You are one badass unicorn, Laura, and I am lucky to follow your lead!  You truly do give 100%.  I continue to learn to break that barrier of always keeping something in reserve.. thank you!

Also included is another moving story from Rob’s mom, Betty.  I really was in tears because of the heartfelt raw honesty of it!  I stand in awe of you and my only wish is you would visit more often!

As always, there is a thought-provoking must-read article from the wise-beyond-his-years trainer, Paul Peterson.  He trains the whole self and has guided me for 2 years now.  I, too, thank you Paul for believing in me and always pushing me to do and be better!

As you can see.. this gym is unique, folks!  And the newsletter is too!  So go sign up now.. while supplies last!

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