Gym Lesson #4: Addition by Subtraction

Hey all!  Sorry for missing last Sunday.  One of my goals is to post at least every Sunday. Well, this past week was a little crazy with work and night shift out of town.. and I missed a week!

I am working on some great stuff and will have some new Spotlight on Strength and Beauty stories soon.  I don’t know about you.. but of everything I post, these are some of my favorites.  I love to see other women discover their own unique beauty.

So while I was out of town, I had the opportunity to work out at Training for Warriors Winston Salem.  I know more than once I have mentioned Kim in this blog.. it is difficult to not mention people who have such a positive impact in my life.  This time, Kim introduced me to her powerlifting coach, Chris Mason, who has opened up his own fitness center in Lewisville, NC.. Training for Warriors Winston Salem.  Check it out on Facebook too!  We had the pleasure of being guests during his Wednesday conditioning workout.  Let me just lay it on the line here.. conditioning is not really my thing.  🙂  This however was a wonderful workout!  It was a tough one and there was such a sense of accomplishment when I finished.  Then.. the ensuing soreness.. which is always good!

Along with a great workout, the hour included other important facets of fitness that can’t be overlooked.  Nutrition and mental “conditioning” tips.

Training for Warriors WS 08.06.14

Nutrition: The importance of a protein-rich breakfast.  Studies show that “folks that eat a protein-rich breakfast, consume 200 fewer calories per day.”  Eat those eggs, folks!

Life Lesson Lies:

1. Winners never quit.
2. Knowledge is power.  The truth.. knowledge plus action is power.
3. Success is built on success.  The truth.. “You win or you learn.  Learn to fail forward.”

The first one, “winners never quit”, really hit home with me.  I believe sometimes in life you have to quit the things that are holding you back.. sometimes it is activities, sometimes it is relationships, sometimes it is bad habits.  Either way, I believe we all bring something unique to this world and we are meant to make a difference.  It is finding those “things” that bring worth, happiness, and passion in life.  It is also finding people who bring out the best in you.. and leaving the rest.

I love this story about Sylvester Stallone.  He knew with all his heart, he was destined to make a difference.  Along the way there were things he had to pass up in order to keep moving towards his “calling”.. and what ultimately became Rocky.  And although there were things he passed up, the one thing he never quit was working towards what he knew was his “destiny”.

There is often addition through subtraction.. especially when pursuing your goal and living a truly meaningful life.  Sometimes winners must quit.  My friend, Dr. Steve Maraboli, summed it up perfectly once when he told me to consider how I spent my time.. is the activity, the relationship, whatever is taking my time and attention.. is it “enriching me or poisoning me”?  Perfectly said as usual by Dr. Steve!  Thank you Chris and Thank you Steve for the perspective. 🙂

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