Gym Lesson #5: What I Learned On Deadlift Friday

“What happens in the gym mirrors what happens in life.” – The Paul Peterson

Not so long ago (well..maybe it was awhile ago), I was celebrating breaking my deadlift PR of 150# in Gym Lesson #2.  For anyone who has friends or knows/follows someone who powerlifts, this is not a mighty number in comparison to others.  What it is, however, is a mighty number for me.  A personal record is just that.. a personal record.  It is exceeding what I couldn’t do the day before.  It is breaking through a limitation that had previously been there, either mentally or physically.

Over the course of a year, my personal best increased steadily and then plateaued at 190# where it remained stuck for months.. and I mean months.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t even get back to the 190# I had done previously.  But Friday.. I BUSTED through that plateau.  Admittedly, it wasn’t pretty.. it wasn’t great form.  What I did, however, was something I had NEVER done before.. I pulled 200 pounds off the ground.

What may seem like a small event is full of life lessons to me..

  • Life is but a series of failures before success.  There will be many ups and down and many trials before breaking through to the next level.  Les Brown has a quote that I have written on my inspiration board, “I will fail my way to success”.  Anyone who has fought to go to the next level didn’t do so without failing some along the way.  I have seen this in the gym and I have seen this in life.  The true failure is not trying.  It is not by trying and missing the first, second, or even the 57th time.. it is by not making the attempt and missing the chance.  It is by throwing in the towel before the breakthrough.
  • Limitations are temporary and self-conceived.  “You can always better your best.”.. yet another Les Brown quote.  This was a hard fought battle and similar to battles I think we fight each and every day of our lives.  In the case of the deadlift, my trainer knew I could pull more weight (Gym Lesson #3: Everyone Needs An Angelo Dundee).  He saw it in me but no matter what he saw or said, I didn’t believe it.  Therefore, I limited myself.  Think of how we do that in life in maybe some of the following ways..

“I’d like to start my own business but I can’t because..” Really? Millions of people start their own business and make a living and/or become millionaires.. why NOT you?

“I would like to be fit and healthy but I just can’t lose the weight no matter how hard I try.”  Hmmm.. what was “really trying”?  There are very few exceptions to absolutely not being able to lose weight or get fit.. are you really one of them?

“I’ll never find a partner, a soulmate”.. Really.. Why?  Last time I looked, there are billions of people in the world.  Why do you think you won’t find yours?

“I would like to apply for that other job but there are others more qualified.”  You don’t know that.. YOU aren’t the one doing the hiring and assessing all the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates.  Don’t dismiss yourself before trying.

“I really wish I could write a bestseller but..” and why is it that you aren’t?  SOMEONE, in fact several someones, are on the bestseller list.. so WHY can’t one be you?

  • It takes time and action.  We don’t go from a concept of a new business venture to a millionaire overnight.. just like it took time, effort, and gaining strength to go from lifting 150# to lifting 200#.  Action.. taking one step at a time, building on one lesson at a time.. that will give way to results.  Same is true for losing weight.. we won’t go from 210# to 130# in 2 weeks.  Everyday, we take the appropriate steps.. we make the decisions that will eventually get us to our goal.  For any goal or any dream.. each day we build on the previous one.. the lessons learned and the strength gained.
  • Believe it is possible and visualize it.  See yourself doing it/owning it/being it.  Apply this to every self-perceived limitation in life.  Here is the scoop.. Everything you want in life is out there.  It already exists and is waiting for you to step up, work for it, and grab it.  Someone will.. it might as well be YOU!

BELIEVE that!  🙂

gym lesson

  2 comments for “Gym Lesson #5: What I Learned On Deadlift Friday

  1. September 30, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Love this and congrats on your new PR!! My dead lift is up to 130# – going for 150!!! 🙂

    • September 30, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      Thank you so much! It feels so good to beat a PR, doesn’t it?! I would love to hear when you get that 150#..that is awesome!!! 🙂

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