Checking In on Motivational Monday!

I wrote about the 30-day challenge a little over a week ago.

Did anyone take me up on that challenge? I had a few people say they were in so I wanted to check in.
What did you choose to do for 30 days?
How’s it going so far?
Have you kept a gratitude journal? Have you given a gift a day?
Was there another habit you choose to start?
I’ll admit I started.. And I’ve fallen a bit.

Forming new habits is challenging.. It’s much easier said than done. That’s why there are thousands of books on the subject. That’s why there’s motivational quotes and speakers, support groups, and other tools to help us make those changes.

As a way to stay accountable, here’s where I’m at..
Gratitude journal.. I’m up to #30.. Although I did miss a few days of writing them down.
I definitely took the time to show gratitude for those things yet to come and for some of those trials that have made me the person I am today. This was a great exercise.. I highly recommend it.

Gifts.. I’ve knowingly given 5. I have fell short on this and will continue to look for opportunities.

Time of reflection/prayer.. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve missed a couple of days here as well. I intend to spend more time on this.. It’s too vital to not make a priority.

So.. No, I haven’t been perfect in my vow to change some habits.

How about you? How’s your quest?
Is there a new habit you’d like to form?
I’d like to help.. What can I do? What can we do to help one another?

Here’s some Monday motivation!







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