My Thoughts On Getting Naked

A goal with my blog is to be as candid and transparent as possible. I aim to openly write my story, including my vulnerabilities and weaknesses, “without fear”. It is what I affectionately call “getting naked”.


As with getting naked in the literal sense.. There are some layers easier to to shed than others.
As with seeing a person naked in the literal sense.. Seeing someone figuratively naked will make some people uneasy.
And.. as with getting comfortable with one’s own physical body, getting comfortable with the inner self is a process as well.

It begins with brutal self-assessment of one’s self in the same manner we scrutinize our bodies..
Identify what needs improvement (what we don’t like, right?)
Be willing to make improvements by working on the things we can change (i.e. taking steps to lose weight, quit smoking, etc).
Accepting, even embracing, those “blemishes” or “flaws” perhaps.. in other words, those unique imperfections that make each of us different.
AND understanding it is an on-going process with no real finish line and there is no perfection.

As I’ve come to terms with my blemishes and openly discussing them.. I no longer see admitting these “weakness” as a sign of weakness.
I’ve found comfort in dropping any pretense of perfection.
I’ve found freedom in exposing my true self.

I have come to believe that it takes courage to expose oneself.. weaknesses, flaws, blemishes, and all.
It takes courage to show feelings and vulnerabilities in a world that can be, let’s face it..harsh. There are people cloaked in secrecy just waiting to exploit the bareness and fallibility of others.
It’s also a world with vast connectivity and opportunity for exposure.. and is not always used for good.

I personally think it’s easier to put on a mask.
I think it is easier to keep one’s true feelings hidden.
It is easier to become hardened by life’s struggles.
And it is easier to become cynical by life’s disappointments.

The true test of strength is to be remain “naked”…
The true test of strength is to continue to be willing to expose one’s self.

So please don’t mistake my weaknesses for being weak.
For I become stronger each time I reveal myself.

My weakness Does Not Make Me Weak

  2 comments for “My Thoughts On Getting Naked

  1. November 23, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    This is a great wake up call message, use your sense and stay strong!

  2. Pattie
    November 25, 2014 at 8:45 am

    So true…I feel that honesty is the best policy with others and within ourselves 🙂

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